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                                                                                 Talent on the Move Vision

To provide skilled Talent and Development programs that will strengthen our customers business, allowing sustainable growth for both our customers and ourselves.
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The Tables bellow illustrates our pricing models. You will also find a discounted model that is available to clients that place larger orders. As mentioned before one of our key objectives of our strategy is to become a partner of choice and that our pricing models are designed for sustainability and not for excessive profit margins. We want to build long term relationships with a select client base.
Temp Costing Models and full contract Models can be provided on request and discussed in full detail if there is a requirement.

Talent on the Move Pricing Model

Discount Model

Annual Salary

Monthly Salary

Placement Percentage

Placement fee

Based on volume recruitment we offer more discounts on our rates

R 30 000

R 2 500


R 2 250

For Placements between 6 and 10


R 60 000

R 5 000


R 4 500

For Placements between 11 and 15






For Placements greater than 15


R 61 000

R 5 083


R 4 067


R 100 000

R 8 333


R 6 667

If we are selected as a preferred partner discounted rates are available based on volumes.





R 101 000

R 8 417


R 5 892

We also offer a flat fee per appointment option based on volumes up to 230K salary level

R 230 000

R 19 167


R 13 417






R 231 000

R 19 250


R 11 550

The model is completely flexible and can be negotiated dependent on client needs and our business model to make it viable for both parties.

R 499 000

R 41 583


R 24 950





R 500 000

R 41 667


R 20 833

Final Word


My commitment to service excellence and delivering exceptional results has been the key to many successful operations and business departments that I have managed. I pledge to provide my clients with the same service ethos and commitment to ensure that Talent on the Move is more than a just a partner but an integral part of the company’s strategy in that I am able to provide exceptional talent and develop the skills of the current talent of the company.

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